Puzzle Cube Block Puzzle Re-settable Pieces for Children and Adults

Puzzle Cube Block Puzzle Re-settable Pieces for Children and Adults

This colourful quality puzzle cube block is definitely one of the most innovative designs in the cube world. This cube comes with 54 little blocks for you to put onto the base white cube block. Each side has its own color and therefore there are 6 colors in total among all 54 little blocks! It is a great addition to your puzzle collection at home. Sit back, relax, and challenge your friends and family! 


If you can't go back and forth, you can reset it! ! Remove the block and change the color! The new “Cube Cube Toy” is a great “block cube” as an educational toy for both children and adults! You will love it just by looking at the beautiful colors.


GREAT PUZZLE for Learning and Creativity 

This 3x3 educational puzzle cube block will challenge your mind building on spatial recognition, imagination and analytical skills. Train your brain to think outside the square to look for patterns and logic. Excellent innovation allows players to reset the cube anytime, anywhere. Children can also learn to count, sort, and match! Enhancing multi- sensory learning, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and numeracy skills. 



This puzzle cube block can bring you a completely different and exciting experience. Good quality and smooth turning, makes it easier for little hands and big hands. Definitely a new experience to improve your skills with this durable cube.



Got friends who enjoy puzzles and enjoy a challenge? This is the perfect toy for kids and adults, starters or professionals on any occasion with no additional setup and easy to carry around. Challenge them with this one of the most educational toys in the world that can even enhance memory intelligence and fine motor skills. The bright colors will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

  • Product Info

    Package : About 23x 10x 6.5cm

    Cube Size: Size : About 6x 6x 6cm