Stackable Baby Pastel Crayon set with 6 Vibrant Colours

Stackable Baby Pastel Crayon set with 6 Vibrant Colours

Children will love playing with these cute crayons. Introducing drawing at a young age, children will develop an understanding for relationships between objects and colours and strengthen their hand-eye coordination. 


Made in Japan

This cute crayons set is manufactured in Japan. 


Vibrant Multi Colours

This crayons set comes in 6 beautiful and unique baby pastels colors giving your child flexibility to draw their master piece!


Safe Material

This non-toxic crayon set has acquired the American art supplies standard AP mark,  it is made of safe materials that do not harm the human body even if you lick or eat.



These crayons can be used for drawing, and with a unique hollow shape you can stack them high or balance them on all your fingers.



Use it with peace of mind because it is hard to stick to your hands and clothes


Skills development

Especially designed for little hands to grip, children will be able to control the crayons easily while they draw with the pointed tip. Introducing drawing to your toddler at a young age is a great way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Young children can also learn to express their emotions through drawing.


Note: The drawing book is not included